Welcome to the Aksum Abyssinians website! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We have been breeding cats off and on since 1982 and breeding Abyssinians since 2007. We love our Abys! They are our pets too!

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Welcome to our new stud boy from Russia!
Abylife Lionel Messi of Aksum
His page now has a link to his full pedigree
as well as professional photos!
(Updated 2/1/16)

Welcome to our new co-owned queen!
Cedarwood KV Eloise
Eloise is the beautiful Cover Girl's mother.
(Updated 2/9/16)

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We have four Abyssinian-Siamese mix rescues here and they are now available. (Updated 1/28/16)

Also take a look at the Northeast Abyssinian Rescue website and
the Southern California Abyssinian Rescue website
for more Abyssinians in need of a good home.



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