Aksum Abyssinians started in 2007 by showing regularly in TICA and carefully choosing only the best Abys that have the conformation and characteristics we are looking for as our foundation cats -- health first, personality second, and show quality third. We have mentored several new breeders in four countries.

We have shown and bred cats since 1983, off an on, mostly off with cats just as pets during that time while raising two boys. We have worked with seven breeds of cats over the years, showing three of them (Siamese in CFA, Bengal in TICA and Abyssinian in TICA and CFA).

Since 1980 I have also helped local humane societies and shelters adopt out pets, care for them, and have given four of them a home here over the years.

We rescue, foster, and adopt out purebred Abyssinians in the Atlanta area and often from a southeastern U.S. state as needed, as well as help local humane societies and shelters regularly.

We also keep a regularly updated state by state list of homeless purebred Abyssinians in shelters and foster homes in the U.S. and Canada and coordinate with other rescue organizations nationwide.


With Jaxx at a Helmi Flick photo shoot September 1, 2013 - classic Aby head bump, with love

I've been fascinated with Abyssinians since I first saw them in 1985 at a CFA show where I was championing my first show cat, a lilac point Siamese.

I am a co-owner of a TICA International Winner and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, LA IW RW SGC Fenix Basement Jaxx (shown above with me). I have been a show manager, President of two cat clubs, and have shown my Abyssinians to many titles. My two priorities with the Abys is to enjoy the kittens and cats in my care, and to help and promote the Abyssinian breed.

I think Abyssinian breeders should communicate with each other, educating and advising each other, and have started up online groups, including two groups for TICA Aby & Somali breeders on Yahoo and on Facebook, and participate regularly in cat health groups on Yahoo Groups and on Facebook.

I enjoy mentoring and working closely with other Abyssinian breeders, and have started up a few carefully selected Abyssinian catteries around the world, and actively mentor them.

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If you're looking for a kitten, we breed and show Abyssinian cats in Atlanta, GA, USA. We will ship our Abyssinian kittens to you domestically or internationally at cost, usually in the airplane cabin and accompanied by us, you, or a professional courier who acts as our agent. If they are shipped within the continental U.S. you only pay the cost of shipping. There will be no additional costs. Visitors are welcome here (after filling out the Buyer Questionnaire)!

Aksum is a TICA registered cattery name and we have signed and abide by the TICA Code of Ethics as a part of the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program. We show in TICA and CFA (Advance Abyssinians is our CFA cattery name and we also abide by CFA's Code of Ethics for breeders). We have a line of Abys with traditional pedigrees that is double registered and shown in CFA and TICA, and a TICA-only line of Abyssinians with the relatively new (since 1970) colors of chocolate and lilac (TICA Champion colors), as well as the experimental New Traits colors of sex-linked red, cream and torbie.

We offer a health guarantee against all major and genetic diseases (including FeLv, FIV, FIP, Tritrichomonas foetus, ringworm, PRA and PKDef) as an integral part of our written contract. We raise our kittens in a safe warm place in our master bedroom and after the kittens are old and big enough, and vaccinated, they have the entire space to play in while they are socialized to sleep with us appropriately (e.g., not bite our toes painfully while we are sleeping, not try to wake us up at 3am, etc.).

Panorama View of Aksum Cattery

The name Aksum comes from the ancient name of Ethiopia, known in the 1800's as Abyssinia, and the alleged source of the first Abyssinian cat imported into England in the 1800's from the Abyssinian War. The ancient city of Aksum still exists in Ethiopia.

We will always have outcrossed studs and queens in our quest to continue the ancient Abyssinian breed and have the most healthy Abys possible.

We work hard to keep inbreeding to an absolute minimum to avoid genetic diseases, by constantly looking for new outcrosses. We also regularly do DNA testing on our breeding cats to look for and eliminate genetic diseases such as PRA and PKDef.

We started by working with an Abyssinian breeder who has been working with Abys for over 25 years, and has imported cats from England and Europe. Alexy Abyssinians has TICA and CFA Abyssinians with the four main colors (ruddy, blue, cinnamon, fawn) as well as the newer colors, which are interesting and beautiful, as you can see with our now-retired chocolate Abyssinian Candy, her daughter Dancer, and Sunrise who was the 2013 Best Chocolate Abyssinian Internationally.

We started working with Alexy lines because of their excellent breeding program and wonderful personalities as well as clear beautiful color. They are close to us in the southeastern U.S.

We now also work with other Abyssinian breeders around the world, to create our own look and continue outcrossing for healthy Abys. We prize a sweet expression, happy friendly personality, clear coat color with nice ticking, and an athletic balanced body.

Health first, personality second, and looks third. That's our priorities, in order, here at Aksum Abyssinians.

We love our Abys and enjoy sharing them. Perhaps with you?

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Original articles - you can only get it here! All info kept strictly private!

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