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Updated December 6, 2014

Please help a purebred Abyssinian in need of a new home!

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Already have a houseful of kitties or allergies that prevent you from adopting?
You can still be kitty mom or dad by virtually adopting. The adopters of your kitty will be told that the kitty they picked out was lucky enough to have your love and support. Virtual adoption is a great way to make a real difference in the life of your purr baby! Virtual adoption fees are used to help YOUR baby get tested, spay/neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Click on the links below to help the Aby you would love to have as yours, if only you could.
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Here's some information on Abyssinians and what to expect.
They are active, playful, affectionate cats who enjoy interaction with their humans and usually get along well with other animals such as dogs if they are raised with them, or if they are friendly and nice too.

Didn't find the Aby you were looking for?
Perhaps one of the retired Abys would be a good alternative for you

Symbol Translation:
= Has been homeless for a long time, please give this Aby a chance!
    = Special needs Abyssinian
   = Needs to be only pet or only cat, or needs to go with another cat
   = Not good with children, needs quiet home


S.C.A.R. - Southern California Abyssinian Rescue - Please check their list of Available Abyssinians! - Email SCAR to be placed on their mailng list or adoption list. Please consider donating to SCAR if you can't adopt.

Please take a look at these Abyssinians in foster homes that need a good home - on the Southern California Abyssinian Rescue site! PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING THESE BEAUTIFUL PUREBRED ABYSSINIANS A GOOD FOREVER HOME!


Ruby Red

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue - We are an all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of purebred and other exceptional cats.
Email: info@purebredsplus.org



MaxFund Animal Adoption Center -- Denver, CO -- Phone: 303-595-4917 Email: catsanddogs@maxfund.org


Simsbury, CT
9 year old black silver spayed female Abyssinian named Echo. "Echo is a Silver Abyssinian. She was given up because her owners were diagnosed with severe respiratory allergies." Northeast Abyssinian Rescue (NEAR), Contact NEAR by email: neabyrescue@yahoo.com


Rescue Me - Florida Abyssinians


Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue - Petfinder.com purebred Abyssinian rescue service for the Atlanta area and the southeastern U.S. - vetting, fostering, and placing homeless purebred Abyssinians - rescues@abyssinians.us or fill out the Contact Us form


Tree House Humane Society - a cageless, no-kill cat sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and abused stray cats


The Noah Project - a no-kill shelter dedicated to the rescue of abused, abandoned and unwanted animals. We are located in Michigan, between Muskegon and Fruitport, near Lake Michigan. Phone: 231-865-1264 Email: info@noahprojectmuskegon.org Works with C-Snip low cost spay/neuter.


HELP Humane Society - Belton, MO


Reno, NV
15 year old ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Sasha. "Sasha is a very special girl. You will need to have love and patience to take Sasha home. Silly Sasha does not like change. Would you be willing to give Sasha the time she needs to learn to trust you and her new environment? She may never be a lap cat, but she does love attention and adores being petted and loved. If you have the patience and love for this beautiful girl.....you could help mend her broken heart and let her live and love again. Sasha come’s fully vetted, micro chipped, and litter box perfect." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, Contact Kathy or Norton at (775) 626-3518 or Email: tazanovakat@yahoo.com - Adopt-A-Pet listing


Tabby's Place - a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ - all of the cats here were "unwanted" cats scheduled to be killed in shelters - see the CBS news story video about it - "Animals with some of the worst problems can bring out the best in people."


Rescue Me - New York Abyssinians


CAT - Sherwood/Portland, Oregon - the Cat Adoption Team is the Pacific Northwest's largest nonprofit, no-kill cat shelter with its own full-service veterinary hospital (founded in 2002) onsite. CAT was founded in 1998 by Evan Kalik. Donate to CAT http://catadoptionteam.org 503-925-8903 Email: contactus@catadoptionteam.org


Rescue Me - Texas Abyssinians


Richmond SPCA - No-Kill Shelter since 2002. "The Richmond SPCA, founded in 1891, is a non-profit, no-kill humane organization dedicated to the principle that every life is precious. As a national leader in humane care and education, the Richmond SPCA is aggressively tackling the problem of pet overpopulation through education, adoption, rehabilitation and spay/neuter. The organization saves the lives of 3,000 homeless animals each year and cares for approximately 350 cats and dogs daily." Please donate!


PURR - People United for Rescue & Rehabilitation is a no-kill shelter in north central West Virginia. PURR is funded solely by donations and does not have a paid staff. That's right, the director and all the people who care for these animals are VOLUNTEERS! We need your donations to keep saving lives. Please donate today!


Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue - Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue (SPCR) is a 501c3 non-profit organization in southeastern Wisconsin founded in 1999. We are proud of our 10 years of work, finding quality homes for abandoned/surrendered purebred cats! We are the largest rescue organization of its kind in the Midwest and we are well known and respected throughout the animal shelter community. This time of year is the most difficult for us due to the number of cats continually flooding into the rescue. We develop very high bills in order to care for them properly. Please, if you are able to donate to the cause, that would be wonderful! 262-654-0764 Email: kkranz1@wi.rr.com

(You might find an Aby who is not listed yet at one of the shelters on the next page)

Didn't find the Aby you were looking for?
Perhaps one of the retired Abys would be a good alternative for you.

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We go through Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet regularly looking through hundreds of listings every week that are listed as "Abyssinian" for purebred Abyssinians who are homeless in shelters, sometimes close to being euthanized. We also are on the National Abyssinian Rescue email list and put available Abys from it on this page. People contact us directly to ask for help in placing an Aby, too. We NEVER get a listing from an individual website trying to place a cat or kitten without permission!

If you know of an Abyssinian who is in a shelter or in need of a new home, please contact us with the information and a photo. We will do our best to make sure the Aby gets a forever home as soon as possible by contacting rescue organizations in the area and listing the Aby on this page. If there is a correction or update, please contact us with that information also. Thank you for caring.

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