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Born April 5, 2015
PKDef & PRA Negative

Annie is our special 'homegrown' girl.  She is a beautiful ruddy who was born here and hand raised.  Annie is TICA and CFA registered and comes from traditional Abyssinian lines.

Annie has had four litters of kittens.  Her first was with Lionel and produced two beautiful ruddy kittens, one of which is a beloved pet and the other of which is a beloved show pet doing very well in CFA shows as a Premier.

Annie's second litter was with Bo, Jaxx's son.  There were two beautiful boys who both went as pets.

Her third litter, also with Bo, had five kittens.  All did very well and both girls went as breeding queens to trusted friends.  We are looking forward to seeing how they do.

Annie's fourth litter was with Lionel again and we finally had the long-awaited cinnamon girl to keep from her.  We named her 'Here Comes The Sun' and call her Sunny.  The boy is under evaluation for breeding.

Annie will probably be bred one or two more times and then will be available as a retired queen to a special home.  If you are interested in her, please let us know.



Born April 18, 2016
PKDef & PRA Negative

Velvet is a special girl from Heru Abyssinians.  She is a ruddy carrying cinnamon and we have high hopes for what she can add to our lines.  We are still trying to get her pregnant by Lionel and will update this and the kittens page when we know.






Born September 24, 2016
PKDef/PRA unknown (test results pending)

Jasmine is the niece of our beloved Dancer, who had six litters of kittens with us and then was retired to be our Forever Girl.  Jasmine was born September 24, 2016.

Jasmine is also the granddaughter of our International Winner Jaxx, which means that Bo is her uncle.  She has a sweet personality and is a nice size.  In our opinion, the perfect size for a female is 7-8 lbs and for the male, around 9-10 lbs.  We are very pleased with Jasmine!

We are hoping that Jasmine and Lionel are successful together soon and we are looking forward to their kittens!



Born January 25, 2017
PKDef carrier, PRA negative

Lady is the daughter of our International Winner Jaxx.  She was born January 25, 2017.  Lady also has Kopper in her pedigree, which we don't have in our other queens.  Lady has a very sweet, gentle personality and loves to play fetch and make a pile of her toys when she is finished playing.

Lady and I bonded on our long road trip back home from Canada.  She is a nice, big girl, beautifully balanced and elegant.  Like her father and brother, she also carries PKDef, so we will only breed her with males who are negative for PKDef and will eventually breed it out, while keeping all of her wonderful attributes.

We are looking forward to seeing her kittens with Lionel!

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